-        Office 365 is now compatible

-        Commitment documents

o   You can now design Word templates to use when printing subcontract or purchase orders.  Several templates are already included such as letter of intent, notice to proceed and subcontract checklist.  Additional templates can be created and saved.  You must be using Word 2010 or later to use this feature.

-        Job Setup Window

o   This has been changed to allow for easier resizing of the screen, easier visual of the tabs, and seeing the format of the job ID as you setup a new job.

-        MyAssistant Enhancements

o   New spreadsheet feature so you can include the latest data in your email messages already in an Excel spreadsheet.  There are 15 templates included with this feature

o   New notification feature when a value in a field has been changed.

o   New task and send process.  In the past if these functions failed on one task they would stop and not continue to the next task/send.  They will now move on to the next task

o   Over 50 new prebuilt tasks

o   16 New formulas such as First of Month, Current Year, etc.

o   Three new reports including an electronic payment statement and customer statement.